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KCH Business Park

The Kings College Hospital is not just a medical environment it is a fast paced, aspiring and demanding corporate conception4organisation setting the standards to be attained by others.  The KCH business park consisting of 8x 500sq/m delapidated industrial units purchased for relocation of administration staff taking up valuable medical space within the main hospital.  The purchase and development of the business park was the creation of one Ahmad Toumadj. Director of Estates and renowned throughout the health service as demanding client.

As many clients have said if you can work for Ahmad that is good enough for us and the rest is history after that.

One after the other from unit 2 to 8 we stripped back to shell and core, installed mezzanine floors, new roofs and cladding, lifts, all of the usual high tech data/voice/media installations associated with a growing organisation thirsty for fast and safe comms.conception1

Our fast track process to turnaround these units allowed medical services to grow and serve the community.

“We employed you because we know you will deliver” statement from Jason Dodd. Head of Projects Kings College Hospital NHS trust.

Completed in 6 phases 14 weeks per phase.   Total value £7.2million    A  24/7/365 project

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