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Welcome to our corporate initiative to raise £125,000.00.

This invitation is open to Contractors, Architects, Surveyors, Consultants, Subcontractors and the wider supply chain that at some point in time have provided services either directly or indirectly to The Kings Healthcare NHS Trust.

This initiative is in recognition of the centenary year of this world renowned organisation from members of our Industry who have provided construction related services to the trust.

Funds raised will be presented to The Kings Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in the form of an offer to undertake and complete a project identified as required by the trust to this value which is inclusive of VAT.

Closing date for your pledge is 3rd November 2014.

You can monitor our progress by visiting this page which will be updated on a weekly basis.


Following comments from interested parties the amount viable to be raised has been reduced to £125,000.00.

Q&As  raised by recipients of email invitation

Q   is there a lower limit we can offer

A  No what ever you wish

Q  Can I offer a service as opposed to cash payment

A  Yes but you would to be specific in content and its true value

Q  Will your company be running the eventual project that you propose

A  No we will be excluding our company from the project selected

Q  How will the project be managed

A  One of the many consultants we hope will offer part of this service, or their fee will be paid from the funds raised.

Q  Why is this information not on your GBG website

A   The GBG website is a static site with limited edit management

Q  We think your target may be in excess of that which we could jointly raise will you consider reviewing this target

A   Yes

Q   Can you raise VAT through Donations?

A   No we cannot, so the funds will be collected passed to the trust for the trust to remit plus vat where applicable.

Q   Is the trust promoting this initiative

A   No this is an entirely private initiative

TARGET £125,000.00.        

Pledged               From

£5000                 Gowlain Building Group Contractors.

£2000                 K&H Medical

£500                    Middlesex Flooring

£100                    Not disclosed

£200                    Polyflor







“Middlesex Flooring a well-established contract flooring company since 1992 committed to 100% customer satisfaction.”






“Polyflor is a leading manufacturer of floor coverings, operating successfully
throughout the world”.




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