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Many of our projects have appeared on TV documentaries of one kind or another they are listed as follows.

CT Scanner facility and adjacent A&E Department now a regular part of 24hours in A & E     now showing on Chanel 4

The First Dental aids laboratory when aids was first publicised and the unit that we built for UCL in Mortimer market appeared on Nationwide after the 6pm news.

The first breast screening unit in the UK at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospital on Euston road for the then Bloomsbury and Islington health authority appeared on Tomorrows World.

Bone Marrow laboratory located in the Queen Mary and Westfield College was a totally clean environment using cutting edge technology developed during the early lunar missions to create bone marrow.  Project featured as part of a larger feature on Nationwide.


Eco Building in Holland park for Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with one of only two “rammed earth” walls in the UK at nearly 45 metres in length, 2metres high and 450mm thick this impressive part of the building which was key to its planning permission is due to receive wide media coverage when opened by Mayor of London July 2013.

The second rammed earth wall is located on the Eden Project.