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Getting it right

Engineering a project to make it lower in value is not every contractors preference but it works.

“It makes perfect sense and I appreciate honesty” Jason Dodd Associate Director of Estates recently commented.

“unusual approach but it works and that is what counts” Warren Harper of Wilby and Burnett.

“It turned the project around” Mark Acott. Project Manager

PMs are  trained by some Contractors to grow the final account.

It makes absolutely no sense to delay your project for a few hard earned tens of thousands pounds that does the client a disservice and destroys relationships.

As a client ourselves with a multi million pound portfolio “we know what a client” wants.

With 40 years experience we are not short of shortcuts that will surprise our clients to bring a project in early and at lower cost.

Its down to ”thinking and planning ahead” and “downsizing a project”  eliminating the non essential but retaining the key functionality of the design team.

Whilst our competitors look to grow a final account we look to reduce it….and that is the secret of our success with so many of our clients.


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