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Some of the first projects of their type carried out anywhere in the UK

First Breast Screening unit :   Elizabeth Garett Anderson Hospital. London.    £345,000.00.

Self supporting lead line walls of steel frame work.  New Testing unit

First Dental Aids Unit:  Dental School. Towmarket. London. £85,000.00.

Carried out in the early 80s in response to this new disease.  This facility was devised on behalf of the Bloomsbury health authority.

First Anti Drug WC unit:   Kings College Hospital, London. £75,000.00.

To combat drug misuse in public toilets, this ground breaker was designed by hospital project manager with lighting to deter drug use.  Now replicated throughout the country.

First Bone marrow unit:  Queen Mary Westfield College London.  £250,000.

Back in the 80s this unit was formed to replicate a space technology environment, negatively pressured totally clean environment to grow bone barrow.

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