"Building our Clients' reputation first"

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Directors On Call

If you cannot get to the people at the top then you should not be dealing with the company” Ahmad Toumadj. Director of Estates.

Simple principle but true and dismissed by many.  We welcome the challenge and react when a challenge presents itself.

As Directors we need and want to be available whenever our clients want us.  Its good business.

Clients require access to the controlling parties of a company for feed back and reaction.

Unique to our company is our 24/7/365 availability no matter where we are.

Whilst competitors delegation of responsibility has been passed so far down the chain of command to be non affective, we welcome the challenges of  this innovative construction protocol.

 Terry Gannon. Snr     Terry Gannon.       David Gannon     John Gannon     Charlie McKenna

are all available no matter where we are.

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