"Building our Clients' reputation first"

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What makes a good company and what makes a great company? many debate that very question over a beer, lunch or at a cocktail party.

Some say the Directors of the company, others say the people, our Group Director returned from 12 months of gruelling cancer treatment and turned the company upside down devoted to increasing our service to the client first and always.

“I am determined to offer job security, career choice, great projects, even more satisfied clients and shake up the stiff competition who constantly take advantage of great clients. I dont regret what happened to me one bit, it provided me with the vision of our company in the future. It allowed me to return to the business and grow it for the benefit of our clients first and from that growth those within the company and those yet to join will benefit” Terry Gannon. Group Director.

This company is not about us, it is about you the new and existing client reading this page debating whether or not to entrust us with your project.

Some say it is our employers and their professional teams who entrust to us their assetts for improvement.

Terry Gannon our Group Director say’s it is a combination of all in unequal measures which means a company like us needs to be able to adapt to suit our clients demands and needs before suiting our own.

We are the product and service of the good and best of everyone we have come into contact with.

We help build the reputation of those that we come into contact with first.

Foremost however is we must have the right people in place to follow this principle through.

We are a people company…..our employees enjoy our business and because they do they perform at their best for our clients.

We are part of the Gowlain Building Group established with a proud history that started in 1975 to offer and provide a professional and competitive service and we have maintained that principle ever since. A family owned business that many subcontractors want to work for because we are fair, reasonable and always offer an opportunity to those that want to start and grow their existing and new business and that means we need good clients.

The essential essence of any business is its availability.   At Capital and City Interiors all of our senior management team are available 24/7/365 no matter where we may be.

An essential part of our culture is availability from Group Director to Project manager and if you have a problem call the Group Director.


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