"Building our Clients' reputation first"

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Building our Clients reputation first……We are always thinking ahead

Clients want asset growth, inspiring environments,  value for money, quality and project delivery on time.  Professionals and construction providers that can work as a team with the clients interest first and their own second.   That’s us Capital and City.

With our own multi million pound portfolio we understand these requirements and deliver our projects based upon this knowledge every time.

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For nearly 40 years we have served the demanding challenging health and education sectors where delivery, cost and quality are paramount.

You will not find much written about us because we are  listening to our clients and what they want so that we deliver a project.  So as Richard Branson has said “judge us on our performance” and we do just that perform every single time.

Our teams deliver projects first.  Then grow relationships that will last for years.

Shake up the competition is what we are going to do.   Many clients are left weary after the arrival and departure of some Contractors .  Capital and City Interiors are the ones to do it right every single time.

We build the reputation of our clients and professional teams first.

Clients deserve more choice, better quality, more competitiveness and a strong company.  Capital and City Interiors with a 1A1 Dunn and Bradstreet rating, direct labour force and a great reputation is that choice.


Message from the Board:

the view

Our Clients reputation is our first primary objective, Building right, quick and competitively.  Inspiring, motivating and creating recognition from the employees of our Clients impressing also their clients based upon the speed, quality and emphasis we place upon our project delivery. 

We live in the greatest City in the World and people from all walks of life are proud of this fact as are we when we contribute to its built fabric for the future.

Build our clients business, reduce their capital investment and deliver their objectives first and our own second has been the principle of our business since establishment 40 years ago.   Projects delivered by our direct labour produce financial benefits for our Clients and our company simultaneously both sharing ,saving and growing at the same time.

Our business is is about you and you can call upon me anytime no matter where I am. 07780700624

Terry Gannon.  Group Managing Director